Coaching, a Personalized, Timely and Cost-effective Support for Women with ADHD

Suffering from the broken record syndrome?

You are probably already painfully aware of how your ADHD and hormones create devious challenges in your everyday life. Maybe you also experience that traditional treatment approaches don’t quite provide the personalized and practical support you need to get on with your life. This is where ADHD-coaching works as complement to conventional treatment. 

The glass half full?

As a doctor and researcher my focus is to explore, identify and treat psychiatric conditions, problems, and suffering based on individual vulnerability. A coach focus on enhancing strategies, developing new skills, and improving daily functioning based on personal strengths. Although sharing foundational elements like confidentiality and collaboration health care professionals and coaches address different levels of the emotional and cognitive challenges of ADHD.

In this blog we will explore the potential benefits of ADHD coaching, especially for women, drawing insights from international experience and the evolving landscape of ADHD coaching. What is the added value to health care and why coaching works according to us at Letterlife?

Get the shit done!

While psychoeducation, provide basic information about how the neurobiology of ADHD, can translates into everyday problems it doesn’t really get the shit done, right? Worst case scenario you end up with more knowledge about what’s not working in your life. The core of ADHD-coaching is to make the logical connection between current cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses and different outcomes in life and to develop a personalized program for structure and strategies.

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD-coaching involves a goal-driven, structured, and focused relationship between a coach and client to develop practical strategies for effective daily living. The coaching relationship is individualized, covering various aspects of life, including all the aspects of the ADHD 24/7-model ensuring a focus in safe and fulfilling relationships and a purposeful mission in life. In addition, coaching covers all the important lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, sleep, stress, emotions, addictions, and everyday structure. It is characterized by safety, respect, and support, with an active coaching role, prioritizes pragmatic solutions, holding both parties of the collaboration accountable for adhering to individual goals and agreements.

ADHD-coaching does NOT however replace evidence multimodal treatment including psychoeducation, cognitive support, or medication. Coaching focuses on behavioral, emotional, and cognitive outcomes, with the aim of building life skills that can change negative outcomes and beliefs. ADHD coaches do NOT treat comorbid psychiatric conditions such as depression or anxiety or give advice on medication and should NOT be used instead of, but as a complement to evidence-based health care. ADHD-coaching is a personalized, practical everyday support with the potential to relieve and potentiate standard of care.

So, in summary, ADHD-coaching holds promise as a personalized, attractive, timely, and cost-effective support for women with ADHD. Providing a collaborative approach between coaching and established treatments for a holistic solution for girls and women navigating the everyday challenges of female ADHD. 

Learn more about ADHD coaching at Letterlife here.

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