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We are a team of developers, product enthusiast, doctors, coaches and scientist trying to make life better for everyone with ADHD. We are always looking for talented people with a passion for mental health, neuroscience, ADHD and digital products. If you like us check out current job listings on our job board at Norrsken. If you can’t find a match, we always welcome open applications at [email protected].

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Motivation for Pro­crastinators

A blog post on procrastinating and how to stop. “My brain is like an airport with planes taking off and landing every minute. And I have no one working in my control tower. I get completely exhausted trying to keep things in order and keep up when things change.” – Tove, 17 years old Are […]

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Menopause, Hormones & ADHD

There’s More to Explore! Menopause, a natural phase of life for half of humanity, is marked, from a strict biological standpoint, by declining levels of the female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone. However, despite its quite dramatic consequences for many women’s bodies and lives—impacting memory, mood, emotional regulation, body temperature, sleep, and libido—this period of […]

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I Can’t Stand the Pill!

About ADHD, hormonal contra­ceptives, and depression Blog by Lotta Borg Skoglund Our research group GODDESS ADHD (Gender-informed research to Overcome Diagnostic Delay and Emotional dysregulation through Self-awareness and Self-efficacy in female ADHD) are dedicated to increase the knowledge around how hormones affect mental health in females across an entire lifetime. This bog is a summary […]