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This tool breaks new ground in a field of research that has been neglected for too long.

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Letterlife, co-developed with ADHD patients, clinicians, and scientist to improve access to self-care, and decrease comorbidity and health risks for females with ADHD.

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Females with ADHD are diagnosed 4 years later than men

Equal, evidence based, and timely interventions are at the core of sustainable and effective health care. However, girls and women with ADHD are a substantial and severely underserved group, showing severe comorbidity, polypharmacy, and considerable health care utilization.

Despite a growing literature showing that predictable, hormonal fluctuations across the female reproductive life is associated with adverse physical, mental, and reproductive health outcomes, standard of care continue to disregard biology, imprudently accepting the male brain as the norm.

Scientific studies

The Letterlife research project (Goddess ADHD), lead by senior researchers Lotta Borg Skoglund MD PhD and Helena Kopp Kallner MD PhD aims to evaluate how data driven and individual real-life information can improve precision medicine, tailor effective standard of care and encourage self-care for girls and women with ADHD. Our long-term goal is to close the health gaps between female and male mental health. Critical for attaining this goal is to minimize diagnostic delay, decrease polypharmacy, and mitigate multimorbidity. This is done by targeting real-life relevant lifestyle factors, hormonal fluctuation and by tailoring pharmacological treatment and contraceptive counselling, keeping the individual cognitive profile in mind, ensuring access to appropriate health care for girls and women ADHD.

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