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Said about our app

This app is a lifesaver ❤️ so many others who can relate to each other and give support with just sharing their stories and emotions.

Anna, Letterlife User

Females have gone under the radar with ADHD. I find it very useful to get scientific support and tools that relate to me and my ADHD. This app is wonderful!

Katja, Letterlife User

LOVE Letterlife 🩷! Makes me observe what I do, when, and what I should do instead of getting stuck in social media, eating carbs/candy, and so on. Bad habits appear easier to notice with this app.

Cecilia, Letterlife User
Built by Patients and their Doctors
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When you manage your ADHD you want to find the best combination of medication, education and practical tools. Letterlife will guide you along the way and help you find what works best for you.

Personalized tools based on your ADHD profile 

Science-backed tools from leading experts

A community of like minded for support

Why did we start Letterlife?

Good healthcare relies on fair, proven, and timely help. But girls and women with ADHD often get left behind, facing serious health challenges without enough support.

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and success of neurodiverse women through a holistic and evidence-based approach.

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