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Jolanta Eriksson - Letterlife ADHD-Coach
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Just One Decision Away!

Our Letterlife ADHD Coach Jolanta shares her journey with ADHD. From the struggles of a late diagnosis to the fulfillment in coaching others. How she by embracing neurodiversity transformed her life. Discover how you, too, can start your path to self-realization – it’s just one decision away! Hi! My name is Jolanta. I work as […]

Overwhelmed Woman feels uncomfortable working.
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Why Do My Days Always End on a Low Note?

Throughout my professional life, I have met many people with comorbidity, meaning that they have two or more diagnoses. Most often, this involves conditions such as addiction to alcohol, or drugs combined with diagnoses like ADHD, depression, or anxiety.  Many struggles with something that I recognize painfully well in myself, the frequent feeling of letting […]

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How Do I Find the Best ADHD Coach for Me?

Over the past years, ADHD coaching has gained popularity, with an increasing number of professionals promoting their services. However, differences in requirements of formal licensing and limited scientific literature have led to ongoing debates about the effectiveness and legitimacy of ADHD coaching. Despite the absence of conclusive research though, ADHD coaching, with its common-sense and […]

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Coaching, a Personalized, Timely and Cost-effective Support for Women with ADHD

Suffering from the broken record syndrome? You are probably already painfully aware of how your ADHD and hormones create devious challenges in your everyday life. Maybe you also experience that traditional treatment approaches don’t quite provide the personalized and practical support you need to get on with your life. This is where ADHD-coaching works as […]