Finding My True Self – A User Story by Dana

I’m Dana, a 47-year-old woman with ADHD and a dedicated Letterlife user.   

I was diagnosed with ADHD at 42. Finally receiving the correct diagnosis was like having a second birthday. Since then, I have traveled a winding road. A couple of years were spent in self-reflection where I reviewed my entire life events, previous struggles and patterns. I thought about “what could have been” if only I had received the correct diagnosis earlier. 

After this period came acceptance, I was fortunate to have a strong team of medical professionals to assist me in my ADHD journey. My Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Naturopathic Doctor and Occupational Therapist (OT). With counseling, medication, and a lot of dedication, I slowly started to understand my thoughts and habits. With the OT, I learned how to plan and create a schedule that works for me. I even learned how to use a dated planner for the first time in my life!

Despite the above, I felt like something was missing in my ADHD resources. I often felt alone and misunderstood in a world created for neurotypical individuals. I wished for more interaction with other neurodiverse individuals and searched for user-friendly ADHD information and knowledge. I wanted something easy to understand and always in my pocket. Especially at times of low mood, solitude, lethargy and overwhelm. I soon discovered the Letterlife app.

I use the Letterlife app several times a day now, in the following ways:

  1. Tracking medications and their effects: This helps me to remember that I actually took my meds and serves as a diary for when I see my doc and discuss medicine changes.

  2. Logging encouraging thoughts daily: Noticing moments of gratitude and positive comments to myself.

  3. Daily question: Just filling out questions and tracking my lifestyle factors such as; stress, exercise, diet, relations, spending, eating or social media habits makes me think an extra time about taking better care of myself.

  4. Statistics tracked my menstrual cycle: It has been especially helpful as I have entered perimenopause, and now I can see a pattern in my cycle and my ADHD symptoms.

  5. An engaged community: A discussion board where I can communicate with others about a posted topic. This has helped me feel less alone and helped me see that the way I feel about things is not strange. There are others like me out there!

  6. Watching webinars:  The regularly scheduled webinars (for example: Addiction and ADHD, ADHD and Mindfulness, Self-Regulation, ADHD and Menopause) provide me with supportive information in a user-friendly format. I was even able to successfully try a Mindfulness meditation for the first time!

  7. Reading Mindhub: A lot of valuable information library that provides me clarity on so many topics!  

Here are my best tips! 

  • I usually watch Letterlife’s webinars while doing something I find really boring, like folding laundry or washing dishes. 

  • I often visit the Letterlife Community and read when I’m feeling sad or lacking in self-esteem. Everyone writes so openly about their own vulnerability there, and just the feeling of not being alone usually helps me perk up and get through even a crappy day. 

    It’s better to browse through the threads there and gain understanding and encouragement. Rather than scrolling through social media and start comparing myself to others and feeling even worse. 

  • I use MindHub as a library but also as a distraction when I feel restless. It’s more fulfilling to go there and learn something that I actually benefit from. Rather than go online shopping or start an argument with someone just because I’m bored. 

The tools in Letterlife have helped me live a better and more full life with more self-confidence. 

Now I live a life with more control over my emotions, behaviors, and how I choose to navigate my own neurodiverse life.

If you’re curious about Letterlife. You can download the app and register an account here.


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