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    This app is a lifesaver ❤️ so many others who can relate to each other and give support with just sharing their stories and emotions. It's like a new world opened up to me.


    Letterlife User

    Thank you for the invite, I love this App!!


    Letterlife User

    LOVE Letterlife 🩷! Makes me observe what I do, when, and what I should do instead of getting stuck in social media, eating carbs/candy, and so on. Bad habits appear easier to notice with this app.


    Letterlife User

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    ADHD and Teenage Pregnancies

    This week’s blog is a summary of a study from our Swedish research group at Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet. The study called Association of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder with Teenage Birth Among Women and Girls in Sweden was published in JAMA Netw Open in 2019 and explore if women with ADHD have a higher risk of […]

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    ADHD Survival Guide for Women

    If you are living as a neurodivergent woman in a world designed for neurotypical men you have probably already realized that most people aren’t wired the way you are. As a direct consequence you may also receive advice that may be entirely reasonable and relevant for most people but can be absolutely useless and, in […]

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    Coaching, a personalized, timely, and cost-effective support for women with ADHD

    Suffering from the broken record syndrome? You are probably already painfully aware of how your ADHD and hormones create devious challenges in your everyday life. Maybe you also experience that traditional treatment approaches don’t quite provide the personalized and practical support you need to get on with your life. This is where ADHD-coaching works as […]