Frequently Asked Questions

Is Letterlife a research study?

No, Letterlife is not a research study. We also have studies that we carry out and that we collaborate with, if you have signed up for Letterlife, you may be asked if you want to participate in a research study and then it is up to you whether you want to participate or not.

Are you only for Women?

We help everyone and never discriminate! We focus on women because there is a lack of research and evidence-based tools that are developed with women’s specific needs such as hormonal cycles in mind. Following your symptoms, lifestyle factors and treatment program is important for everyone though and we welcome women, men and non-binary.

Are you a caregiver?

No, we are a digital tool to follow one’s own data, we do not treat any diagnosis.

Are you a Care Record System?

No, we are not a care record system. We maintain the highest standards in terms of data storage, security and how we handle data, you can read more under our Privacy Policy. But we do not record, handlers who use Letterlife do not record in our system but use their existing record systems. When you share your data with your processor, processors take responsibility for keeping records according to their policies and regulations.

Do you offer Doctors Appointments

No, not directly with Letterlife, but we have cooperation with private clinics, psychologists and coaches who use Letterlife as a tool together with their patients and clients. We also offer mediation services where you can get in touch with private actors.

I have a problem with the app, where do I go?

Email us at

Become a Beta User

We are developing Letterlife in collaboration with expert patients, clinics, and researchers. Become a beta user and shape the future of Letterlife.

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