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Gender-informed research to Overcome Diagnostic Delay and Emotional dysregulation through Self-awareness and Self-efficacy in female ADHD.

Empowerment & equal, evidence-based standard of care for female ADHD

Knowledge is power!
Self-efficacy through empowerment and self-awareness!
It’s not so much about how you feel, its more about how you are doing!

The male body has been, and still is, the societal and medical norm. But females are not just smaller men. Biological factors, such as sex hormones, influence risk for both physical- and mental health problems. However, research and mental health care is almost exclusively focused on boys and men. Gender bias, inadequate knowledge of biological sex differences and extensive lead times before research is implemented in standard of care have long-term consequences for girls and women.

Why bother?

ADHD is prevalent (3-9%), persistent (50-75%), and serious (8-13 years) reduced life expectancy. To mitigate psychosocial adversity and comorbidity associated with undiagnosed and untreated ADHD, those affected need to be detected and get access to adequately tailored, evidence-based treatment. Today boys are getting a mean head start of at least 4 years. This diagnostic delay occurs during formative years for academic- professional equality. Girls and women remain un- or misdiagnosed, struggle in school and peer relations, develop comorbid anxiety, depression or eating disorders, and are at risk for addiction, sexual victimization, and underaged parenthood affecting them and their loved ones in every aspect of life.


By bringing together multi-professional and methodological expertise we explore how biological sex and gender influence ADHD-symptoms and real-life relevant outcomes. The aim is to increase societal awareness, ignite precision medicine and improve standard of care for girls and women with ADHD. Our long-term goal is to close the health gap between males and females by decreasing the diagnostic delay, polypharmacy and multimorbidity through increased self-efficacy and appropriate access to health care for females with ADHD. We are confident that targeting biology as well as psychosocial wellbeing can improve functioning and reproductive outcomes in girls and women with ADHD generating positive effects on physical and mental health in generations to come!


Lotta Borg Skoglund, Helena Kopp Kallner and Lisa Thorell are the principal investigators of this international trans-professional research group involving researchers from child-, adolescent-, and adult psychiatry, gynecology, epidemiology, development psychology and social sciences aiming to improve mental health and reproductive outcomes across the female lifespan. We share the holistic, empowering, and evidence-based focus on women’s health, women’s rights, and neurodiversity. Through active communication with patients, their loved ones, and the society at large we wish to contribute to the dissemination of research findings, decreased stigmatization and bridging of important public knowledge gaps on mental and reproductive female health.

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Our scientific expert panel consists of internationally recognized researchers guiding our strategic methodological choices and ethical considerations.

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All our research is guided by and intimately tailored according to the voices of girls and women with ADHD.

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