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Self-regulation - Finding Your Body Balance through Mindfulness
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Finding Your Body Balance with Mindfulness 

Living with ADHD is often living with difficulties in self-regulation. You may feel that you were born without the luxury of knowing what your gut feeling is telling you. Or having a thousand gut feelings in conflict with each other in every decision you must make. Then Mindfulness could become a good friend of yours. […]

Many times self-regulation can help, by taking control of the volume control.
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Self-regulation – The ADHD Brain and the Volume Control

Do you find yourself rushing through things, even though there’s no urgency? Is being first more important than being accurate? Can calm, relaxing situations lead to boredom-induced conflicts? Is your energy battery suddenly depleted – just to be overcharged and through the roof without warning? Do you need to “take something” to feel normal?  Then […]