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ADHD and the Menstrual Cycle

Do you have a vague feeling that your hormones affect how you feel and behave or even worsens your ADHD, but you have no idea how? Do theories about hormones or “hormonal imbalance” seems reasonable, but doesn’t quite fit into how you perceive things? Let’s start by looking at how female sex hormones work in […]

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Women with ADHD in Menopause

Let us take a closer look at the subject of women, ADHD and menopause. And explore how these aspects bring new challenges to women’s lives and some potential perks.  What is Menopause? First things first, since the topic of menopause has been neglected for too long, let us deep dive into what it is. Perimenopause […]

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How Sex Hormones Impact Mental Health

For many years, it’s been clear that males and females represent two distinct subgroups of the same species when it comes to physical conditions and disorders. However, this understanding has yet to fully permeate the field of psychiatry. This week’s blog post is a summary of key findings and takeaways from a Harvard review article […]