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Healthy Enough

Today it seems like just opening your social media is enough to be flooded by health-conscious messages. One might get the impression that the very goal of life is to maximize your exercise routines or eat as nutritiously as possible.¬†However an excessive focus on living healthy can become unhealthy in itself. And in this blog, […]

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Just Do It – The Best Exercise Tips from Greta the PT-Psychologist

Do you need practical tools to maintain your exercise routines over time? I suspect that, like most people, you’ve already heard that regular physical activity is a cornerstone of both mental and physical health. In this blog, the PT-Psychologist Greta Wester, will share her best exercise tips with you! Exercise increases your brain’s release of […]

The importance of balanced exercise when living with ADHD
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Move More, Live Better – The Power of Physical Activity

Are you one of us ADHD:ers with grand plans for training that never gets executed? Maybe your life is a constant struggle to carve out breaks and pauses. And the mere thought of spending precious quality time exercising seems too masochistic? Or do you use exercise as a universal remedy for stress to a degree […]