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Neurodivergent navigating the world of normal neurotypicals
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Being Ordinary is Genetic – It’s Not Your Fault!

The book “The Autist’s Guide to the Galaxy – navigating the world of ‘normal people’” is written for neurodiverse people living among neurotypicals. Through facts, interviews, tips and tests, Clara Törnvall, diagnosed with autism in adulthood, provides the reader with insight into the world of ordinary, neurotypical people. Do you find it difficult to speak […]

Emotions and relationships can be a demanding challenge with ADHD & autism.
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AuDHD – A Maze of Emotions and Relationships

For girls and women with ADHD, ADD, and autism (sometimes abbreviated as AuDHD), social norms and expectations can become a demanding challenge. In this blog, the experienced neuropsychologist Maria Bühler, explores the maze of emotions that many women with neurodevelopmental diagnoses encounter. You’ll receive tips on smart support and strategies for navigating social interaction. The […]

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Girls with Autism and ADHD – Struggling to Fit In and To Be Accepted

ADHD is the most common diagnosis in girls with autism and autistic traits or an autism diagnosis are also common in those with ADHD. Therefore, when meeting individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ND), it’s essential to consider both ADHD and autism. Girls and women are still sadly underdiagnosed, often because they are better than boys at […]