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ADHD & Eating disorders - what is the connection?
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ADHD, Diet, Body Image and Eating Disorders – How Are They Connected?

If you’re a woman with ADHD, ADD or autism, the statistical likelihood is that you, at some point in your life, have struggled with an eating disorder.1  If we were to ask you how you feel or have felt, about your body. The risk is even higher that you will tell us that you’ve lived […]

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Just do it – The best exercise tips from Greta the PT-Psychologist

Do you need practical tools to maintain your exercise routines over time? I suspect that, like most people, you’ve already heard that regular physical activity is a cornerstone of both mental and physical health. In this blog, the PT-Psychologist Greta Wester, will share her best exercise tips with you! Exercise increases your brain’s release of […]

The importance of balanced exercise when living with ADHD
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Move More, Live Better – The Power of Physical Activity

Are you one of us ADHD:ers with grand plans for training that never gets executed? Maybe your life is a constant struggle to carve out breaks and pauses. And the mere thought of spending precious quality time exercising seems too masochistic? Or do you use exercise as a universal remedy for stress to a degree […]

Emotions and relationships can be a demanding challenge with ADHD & autism.
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AuDHD – A Maze of emotions and relationships

For girls and women with ADHD, ADD, and autism (sometimes abbreviated as AuDHD), social norms and expectations can become a demanding challenge. In this blog, the experienced neuropsychologist Maria Bühler, explores the maze of emotions that many women with neurodevelopmental diagnoses encounter. You’ll receive tips on smart support and strategies for navigating social interaction. The […]

Self-regulation - Finding Your Body Balance through Mindfulness
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Finding Your Body Balance with Mindfulness 

Living with ADHD is often living with difficulties in self-regulation. You may feel that you were born without the luxury of knowing what your gut feeling is telling you. Or having a thousand gut feelings in conflict with each other in every decision you must make. Then Mindfulness could become a good friend of yours. […]

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ADHD and the Menstrual Cycle

Do you have a vague feeling that your hormones affect how you feel and behave or even worsens your ADHD, but you have no idea how? Do theories about hormones or “hormonal imbalance” seems reasonable, but doesn’t quite fit into how you perceive things? Let’s start by looking at how female sex hormones work in […]

Many times self-regulation can help, by taking control of the volume control.
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Self-Regulation – The ADHD brain and the Volume Control

Do you find yourself rushing through things, even though there’s no urgency? Is being first more important than being accurate? Can calm, relaxing situations lead to boredom-induced conflicts? Is your energy battery suddenly depleted – just to be overcharged and through the roof without warning? Do you need to “take something” to feel normal?  Then […]

Overwhelmed Woman feels uncomfortable working.
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Why do my days always end on a low note?

Throughout my professional life, I have met many people with comorbidity, meaning that they have two or more diagnoses. Most often, this involves conditions such as addiction to alcohol, or drugs combined with diagnoses like ADHD, depression, or anxiety.  Many struggles with something that I recognize painfully well in myself, the frequent feeling of letting […]

Highlighting the need of more research on women on International Women's Day.
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The Overlooked Landscape of Women’s Brain Health and why more research is needed!

Happy International Women’s Day! This is a day to celebrate for us, 3.95 billion women, or half of humanity living on earth today. However today, as on any other day since the beginning of times, women live their lives in a society tailored to a male norm. A sobering fact is that women make up […]