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How do hormones affect your ADHD symptoms, your medications or other lifestyle factors such as sleep, diet, relationships and more.

Thousands of women with ADHD are tracking their cycles and hormones with Letterlife.

AND you can also connect with them in our community or match with a ADHD-Buddy to have one to one support or Ask one of our doctors, gynecologist, midwifes or coaches questions directly in the app and get replies within 24 hours!

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For ADHD women and those exploring the possibility

Tools created specifically for women-specific ADHD symptoms based on research and developed in collaboration with patients and leading physicians and researchers.

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Many ADHD-women report that they react differently on their medication depending on their current hormonal status. Some have, in collaboration with their doctor or nurse, have tried out a more individualized dosing strategy for their ADHD-medications. They describe how cyclic dosing of their meds give them better functioning and less side effects. But what does […]

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Hormones, Hormones, Hormones

The Basic Facts for Everyone It probably won’t come as a surprise to those of you who follow our work at Letterlife that, in addition to ADHD, we’re quite interested in our female hormones and how they affect our brains, bodies and ADHD. But honestly, how much do you really know about the most important […]

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