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For a mother with Audhd it's important to understand her strengths
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Happy Mother’s Day All AuDHD Moms!

A day for AuDHD moms to stand tall and be proud of fighting for their child’s best! Becoming a parent was undeniably one of the most significant and defining moments in my life. From the day I became a mom 21 years ago, there has never been a doubt in my mind that this was […]

We still don’t know more than 1,5% of the brain.
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The brain is wider than the sky

The Brain – is wider than the SkyFor – put them side by side –The one the other will containWith ease – and You – beside  Emily Dickinson The American poet Emily Dickinson wrote this insightful poem in 1862. In other words, more than 160 years ago – when she was 32 years old. Emily was […]

Breastfeeding and ADHD-medication - how to think on different medication.
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Breastfeeding, Hormones and ADHD Medication – What Does Science Say?

A growing number of studies show that most women can continue using ADHD medication during pregnancy, and more often also do so. In consultation with a doctor and with regular check-ups any risk for mother or child seems to be small. The potential benefits of having a woman, who feels and functions well during pregnancy, […]

Profile Photo of Dana - a woman with ADHD and a dedicated Letterlife user
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Finding My True Self – A User Story by Dana

Greetings!I’m Dana, a 47-year-old woman with ADHD and a dedicated Letterlife user.    I was diagnosed with ADHD at 42. Finally receiving the correct diagnosis was like having a second birthday. Since then, I have traveled a winding road. A couple of years were spent in self-reflection where I reviewed my entire life events, previous struggles […]

Find strategies for moderation and balanced living.
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Healthy Enough

Today it seems like just opening your social media is enough to be flooded by health-conscious messages. One might get the impression that the very goal of life is to maximize your exercise routines or eat as nutritiously as possible. However an excessive focus on living healthy can become unhealthy in itself. And in this blog, […]

ADHD & Eating disorders - what is the connection?
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ADHD, Diet, Body Image and Eating Disorders – How Are They Connected?

If you’re a woman with ADHD, ADD or autism, the statistical likelihood is that you, at some point in your life, have struggled with an eating disorder.1  If I were to ask you how you feel or have felt, about your body, the risk is even higher that you will tell me that you’ve lived […]

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Just Do It – The Best Exercise Tips from Greta the PT-Psychologist

Do you need practical tools to maintain your exercise routines over time? I suspect that, like most people, you’ve already heard that regular physical activity is a cornerstone of both mental and physical health. In this blog, the PT-Psychologist Greta Wester, will share her best exercise tips with you! Exercise increases your brain’s release of […]

The importance of balanced exercise when living with ADHD
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Move More, Live Better – The Power of Physical Activity

Are you one of us ADHD:ers with grand plans for training that never gets executed? Maybe your life is a constant struggle to carve out breaks and pauses. And the mere thought of spending precious quality time exercising seems too masochistic? Or do you use exercise as a universal remedy for stress to a degree […]

Neurodivergent navigating the world of normal neurotypicals
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Being Ordinary is Genetic – It’s Not Your Fault!

The book “The Autist’s Guide to the Galaxy – navigating the world of ‘normal people’” is written for neurodiverse people living among neurotypicals. Through facts, interviews, tips and tests, Clara Törnvall, diagnosed with autism in adulthood, provides the reader with insight into the world of ordinary, neurotypical people. Do you find it difficult to speak […]