New Year, Same ADHD – Time to Break Some Resolutions?

A new year – a time for new beginnings! For those of us embracing life with ADHD however, the New Year might be about much more than turning a page. It might be about creating an entirely new chapter full of unexpected plots, excessive use of post-it notes, and the perpetual search for misplaced phones, glasses, or keys. But, how about aiming for a year where you start working in line with your ADHD-brain? If these New Year’s situations resonate with you, you are probably one of us in the Letterlife tribe!

Countdown Conundrum

Living with ADHD is by many also living with flawed time management skills. As the clock ticks down, and the neurotypical part of the party is excitedly counting the seconds until the toasting, hugging, kissing, and sparkling fireworks is a good chance you’re frantically searching for the keys to the balcony door, that bottle of champagne you bought last year but never found, preventing your friend from igniting sparklers indoors or rescuing the cat from the confetti blizzard. And to be fair, who needs a countdown when the ADHD-life offers a thrilling New Year’s special of “Finding the Essentials”? And come on! Your Letterlife Team and Community will be there every step of the way next year as well. Focus on how to make the most of the New Year evening celebrations now and lets next year be all about getting in control of your ADHD together with us. 

Resolutions Roulette and Relapse

Ok, the moment of truth. Let’s make some grand New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you go for the classics pledging to eat healthier, exercise more, and cut back on alcohol? Or you aim for something others have been haunting lately? Like finally organize that drawer of miscellaneous cables….? 

Fast forward to January 2nd – has your resolutions crumble like a gingerbread house yet? Have the kale wilts sadly in the fridge and the treadmill has already transformed into a clothing rack? Full blown resolutions relapse? Hey, you’ve got 364 more days to try again, right? This is where Letterlife comes in!

Party Planning Pandemonium

As the confetti settles and the New Year kicks into high gear, remember that life with ADHD can be both a perpetual journey of unexpected detours, and of misplaced resolutions. Of spontaneous dance parties, and days when your body and brain refuse to cooperate or leave the bed. Understand and forgive yourself for the occasional chaotic events, laugh at the twists as often as you can but also take yourself and your struggles seriously. After all, no one needs perfect resolutions, but everyone needs sustainable and healthy routines. So, let’s celebrate the continuous work you are doing to improve your wellbeing by increasing your self-knowledge through Letterlife.

Let’s make 2024 about the movement for precision health for female mental health, hormones, and ADHD!

Happy New Year from all of us at Team Letterlife

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