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With Letterlife I feel less alone and I don’t feel strange being who I am. The routine of daily journaling through relevant questions helps me reflect and take better care of myself.

Dana, ADHD Women, 47 Years old.

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Meet our experts

Lotta Borg Skoglund, MD PhD

Lotta has over 20 years of clinical experience and her current research targets girls and women with ADHD.

As a senior physician and associate professor in psychiatry with a special focus on neurodiversity and addiction me and my research group GODDESS ADHD aim to increase the knowledge about how hormones influence mental health in girls and women across the lifespan. Raising awareness and spreading knowledge through lectures and popular science books is among the important and enjoyable things I know.

Lotta Borg Skoglund, MD PhD

Meet our experts

Jolanta Eriksson, NPF-coach

Jolanta has 16 years’ experience as an ADHD coach and an entire lifetime of experience from her own ADHD diagnosis and as an ADHD mother.

I am trained in pedagogical leadership and extensive experience from working with personal development and growth.

From working with women with ADHD I’m aware and comfortable with comorbidity being the rule rather than the exception. Indeed, I have lived experience from previous periods of exhaustion and burnout. Together we will explore the areas of your life that your ADHD affects the most, such as hormones, relations, or work life. We will set and evaluate individual goals aiming for a balanced function and good quality of life.

Jolanta Eriksson, NPF-coach

What can you expect from Letterlife?

Be part of a community of ADHD women
  1. A better understanding of your ADHD symptoms, hormones, and medication:Together, we track how your ADHD symptoms, the effect of your and important  lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise and sleep affects your mental health and quality of life.
  2. Personal feedback on how you are doing:Letterlife analyzes your data and provides tips and insights into what’s working, what can be improved, and what you may want to put your energy changing.
  3. Access to personally tailored strategies:Ask our experts for advice or work with our tools and exercises tailored to your ADHD profile.
  4. A community of like-minded ADHD women:You are not alone! There are millions of women around the world who haven’t received a diagnosis, have been overlooked by healthcare, or aren’t getting the help they need. Together, we can support and learn from each other, share our ADHD journeys, and exchangesmart
  5. Being part of the movement:Let’s work together to ensure that we expand research and health care beyond the male norm! Lets make sure we don’t keep overlooking girls and women, and that we and our daughters are offered the right support at the right time!
  6. Knowledge and tips backed by reserach: Avoid being suduced by pseudoscience and  information without sicentific ground by the fact checked knowledge shared in LetterlifesMindhub.
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