Access Program

Our mission is to help women struggling with mental health challenges, and specifically suffering from side effects of ADHD. Including struggling with addiction, suffering from abuse, or have had different trauma in their lifes.

We need to be charge for our services but we have a access program that offers Letterlifes services at a significant discount and in some cases for certain help organisations for free.

Apply to take part in our access program at accessprogram@letterlife.se

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Assessment of girls and women with ADHD and autism – A white spot on the map?

If you read my previous Letterlife blog post, I hope you took away at least two things. First, ADHD and autism often overlap, meaning that if you suspect one, traits of the other may be present. Second, girls receive their diagnoses later than boys, and girls often mask their difficulties. This poses a challenge in […]

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ADHD – Medication across the menstrual cycle, is cyclic dosing a way to go?

Many ADHD-women report that they react differently on their medication depending on their current hormonal status. Some have, in collaboration with their doctor or nurse, have tried out a more individualized dosing strategy for their ADHD-medications. They describe how cyclic dosing of their meds give them better functioning and less side effects. But what does […]

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ADHD and Teenage Pregnancies

This week’s blog is a summary of a study from our Swedish research group at Uppsala University and Karolinska Institutet. The study called Association of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder with Teenage Birth Among Women and Girls in Sweden was published in JAMA Netw Open in 2019 and explore if women with ADHD have a higher risk of […]